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Printer Design Staff
Update: 30 Desember 2019
Dilihat: 421 kali
Valid: 5 hari
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Kreatif/Desain - Creative/Design
29 Januari 2020 (5 hari lagi)
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Full Time
Syarat Umum:

1. Mechanical Design Specialized

  • D4 Mechanical/ Mechatronics/ Physics Engineering
  • Able to work in team/individually
  • Familiar with CATIA or Pro-Eng. Software
  • Making design concept, modelling, drawing, and evaluation
  • Making document (Technical report, specification, calculation) 


        2. PCB Design Specialized

  • D4/S1 Electronics Engineering
  • Understanding Digital Circuit Analysis & Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
  • Has good knowledge Electrical Design and Evaluation Electronic Circuit Analysis
  • Able to use C Language well
  • Conducting quality data monitoring, quality problem initial investigation
  • Assembly quality improvement
  • Capacity calculation and man power
  • Material and equipment calculation


3. Embedded Software Development Specialized

  • D3/S1 Electronic / Informatics / Computer Engineering
  • Have Knowledge software development and programming (C/ C++ language)
  • Designing printer's firmware to controlling printer mechanical movement, copy, scanner, GUI, image processing
  • Conducting designing process, from specification study, create designing concept, programming, debugging, evaluating in developing firmware
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