PT. Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines

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Jl. Karet No. 104
Surabaya 60161, Indonesia

The journey began in 1970 with the establishment of PT. SAMUDERA PACIFIC, an inter-island freight forwarding company. In 1980, the first vessel was acquired to mark the beginning of a national shipping line, which was then named PT. SAMUDERA PACIFIC INDAH RAYA (SPIR). In 1984, the company having fully acquired the shares of PT SALAM SEJAHTERA, relocated its headquarter from Samarinda to Surabaya, thus the emergence of PT SALAM PACIFIC INDONESIA LINES (SPIL).

Along with the growing need for broader coverage area and the demand for more reliable inter-island shipments, SPIL in 1996, improved its services, from mere handling of break-bulk cargo, to more efficient means of transport, utilising unitized container. SPIL is reputable for being the shipping pioneer of East Indonesia and strongly upholds its motto of SPIL Connecting Islands with 28 offices strategically located across the Indonesian archipelago. Supported by our team of competent professionals, SPIL continues to improve its network to provide high quality services.

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